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LDU 78.1 - High Speed - Approved

Load cell Digitizing Unit


LDU 78.1 provides digital data from weighing/measuring operations based on strain gauge load cells. It is pin and protocol compatible with other members of the LDU family, (68.1/ 68.2/ 68.3/
69.1), thus offering a selection of precision levels, functionality and cost.

All LDUís are designed to be embedded into customersí equipment or to be plugged into a Unit Adaptor.

Product highlights

  • Supports any automatic weighing device, which requires operation at high speed.
  • OIML approved for non-automatic weighing R76, which eases the MID approvals of R51, R61 and R107 applications.
  • Eases the design of any digital device dealing with load cell input. The LDU, as a front end component, offers a standard foot print and interface.
  • A library of specialized firmware for check weighing, grading or filling applications is available.
    Communicates via a RS 422/485 full duplex interface and is entirely set up via the PC, even while networking.
  • A graphic presentation, analysis and set up PC program, DOP is available to any user of H&B products, free of charge.
  • Data communication as point to point or as a node in a network. Up to 32 LDUs connect to provide load data to down stream devices.
  • Offers dual logic outputs and dual logic inputs for various control, filling and sorting operations.

Product qualities

18 bit (262000 counts) input signal resolution, 50 nV/count, 2400A/D conversions/sec.
Advanced analog and digital filters offer FIR or IIR performance, both to be set in 8 LP frequency steps and up to 100db/dec.
Device output update rate of 600 upd./sec (IIR) followed by an averaging filter to be set from 600 to 0,6 upd./sec.
Can drive 80 ohm load cells, e.g. 4 pc, each 350 ohm, at 5 Vdc.
A time frame for automatic operations can be defined by way of dual logic inputs for position sensors or valve feed back.
Dual logic outputs provide external control of actuators etc. or for internal computing. All set up parameters are available.
Signal conditioning, zero and tare operations convert the load cell output into the calibrated units (g; kg; lbs; etc.), as requested.
EMC compliance and surge protection are provided by shielding and T-filters at all pins.
The secured I/Os and protected power input withstand excessive actions. Power supply range is 12-24 Vdc.
Can be designed into customersí PCB or bolted on the side a load cell.
The LDU fits with a selection of Unit Adaptors, offering many I/O facilities and mounting options.
Certified to meet the EN45.501 requirements.
Full duplex RS422 /485 interface.
IP40 steel enclosure 81 x 31 x 6 mm

Download files

 LDU 78.1

 LDU 78.1 programmers manual

 Firmware: LDU 78.1 - checkweigher v.2.60

 Firmware: LDU 78.1 - checkweigher v.2.59

 Firmware: LDU 78.1 - Filling v.1.11

 Firmware: LDU 78.1 - Loss in weight (massflow) v.1.01

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